NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Downloadsort ascending copyright
UKCP09 Projections - Percent change in winter precipitation, 2080s compared to 1970s, 50% probability level Yes
Inshore Fishing - ScotMap (2013) - Mackerel Lines - Number of Vessels Yes
Local Nature Reserves (LNR) (SNH WMS) Yes
Halibut distribution in Scotland's seas Yes
Ythan Estuary, Sands of Forvie and Meikle Loch (extension) - Sandwich tern - Maximum curvature and predicted foraging distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Whiting - spawning grounds - North Sea (Gonzalez-Irusta and Wright 2017) Yes
Common/Harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) estimated at-sea usage (mean) - Seal usage maps 2017 Yes
March - Monthly distribution and relative abundance of Risso's dolphin (1979 -1997) Yes
Porbeagle shark distribution in Scotland's seas Yes
Route Density (EMSA) Annual Totals - Other (EMODnet WMS) Yes
East Mainland Coast, Shetland - Long-tailed duck - Maximum curvature and distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Broad Habitat - Broad-Scale Predictive Habitat Map (EUSeaMap2 - EUNIS) (WMS) Yes
National Nature Reserves (NNR) (SNH WMS) Yes
Marine Recreation and Tourism Survey 2015 - Other unclassified activities (restricted zoom) Yes
Mudflats and sandflats not covered by seawater at low tide Yes


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