NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Downloadsort ascending copyright
Areas where fishing with PELAGIC TRAWLS is restricted Yes
Seal Licensing - Seal Management Areas Yes
August counts of grey seals between 1996 and 1997 at 10 km resolution Yes
Maerl or coarse shell gravel with burrowing sea cucumbers Yes
Cod - spawning grounds (Coull et al 1998) Yes
Portugese dogfish distribution in Scotland's seas Yes
UKCP09 projections - Change (m) in significant wave height by 2085, compared to 1975, medium emissions scenario – winter Yes
Fishing effort (days) - pelagic active gear by rectangle- 2018-2022 Yes
SRTMN - Nationally scaled tree planting prioritisation score where trees are planted on only the most southerly bank Yes
Marine Recreation and Tourism Survey 2015 - Power boating at sea (restricted zoom) Yes
Economic Analysis - Direct employment in fishing, fish processing and aquaculture activities by travel to work areas ((TTW) % of total employment, 2017) Yes
VMS - Total value (£) of UK vessels >15m length - all gears (2020) (MMO WMS) Yes
October - Monthly distribution and relative abundance of Minke whale (1979 -1997) Yes
ECOMMAS Median Porpoise Detection Positive Hours (2013-2016 time aware content) Yes
Blue whiting distribution in Scotland's seas Yes


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