NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Download copyrightsort ascending
Sandeel - nursery grounds (Coull et al 1998) Yes
Pelagic fish - Landed weight (tonnes) by rectangle 2018-2022 Yes
PFOW MSP Map 16 Oil and Gas- Wells and Coastal Installations No
VMS - UK activity associated with Oil and Gas Pipelines (2007-2015) - Demersal Trawls Yes
Metals - Lead (Pb) in Biota from 2013 (time-aware) No
Coal resources (hidden below 1:500,000) No
Whiting - spawning grounds - North Sea (Gonzalez-Irusta and Wright 2017) Yes
Outer Firth of Forth and St Andrews Bay Complex - Red-breasted merganser - Maximum curvature and distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Mean Spring Tidal Range (m) Yes
Seal Licensing - Seal Conservation Areas for common/harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) and grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) Yes
Saltmarsh Survey (Habitat Map of Scotland) (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Deep Sea Sharks - Velvet belly shark (Etmopterus spinax) - distribution of abundance across the survey area No
Flapper skate and Blue skate egg and egg case records Yes
Moray Firth - Common eider - Maximum curvature and distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Inshore Fishing - ScotMap (2013) - Relative Value (£) Yes


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