NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Downloadsort ascending copyright
Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust harbour porpoise calf/ juvenile sightings Yes
Fishing effort (days) - demersal active gear by rectangle - 2018-2022 Yes
Baselines and closing bays - Internal waters adjacent to Scotland Yes
VMS - UK activity associated with Oil and Gas Pipelines (2007-2015) - Nephrops Trawls Yes
European spiny lobster (crawfish) Yes
Route Density (EMSA) Annual Totals - Tanker (EMODnet WMS) Yes
Sites and vessels designated under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986 ("war graves") - protected wrecks Yes
Seas off St Kilda - Northern gannet - Observed densities, areas of importance and foraging distribution (breeding) (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Areas where fishing BY HAND is restricted Yes
Sound of Gigha - Common eider - Maximum curvature and distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Nephrops - spawning grounds (Coull et al 1998) Yes
Bathymetry (OceanWise Marine Themes DEM) Yes
2009 annual effort related Basking shark sightings per kilometre (Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust Effort Related Sightings data 2003 to 2011) Yes
Large shallow inlets and bays Yes
Modelled persistence of above mean density of White-beaked dolphin (summers 1994 - 2012) Yes


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