Shoreline type (OSCP) - December 2015 (Zoom restricted)

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This layer displays a line dataset depicting the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) shoreline classification of the Scottish coastline for oil spill contingency planning. The shoreline type is zoom restricted to about 1:50,000. The Scottish coastline has been classified into five categories:

  • Rock and man-made
  • Sand, gravel and rock armour
  • Exposed tidal flats
  • Sheltered rock, man-made or rip rap (rock armour)
  • Sheltered tidal flats or salt marshes

The data has been adapted from the shoreline classification in table 3.2 of the BP Final Report "Environmental and Socio-economic Sensitivity Mapping for Oil Spill Preparedness and Response (OSPR)", modified to include the simple ESI code from the 2011 report on "Sensitivity mapping for oil spill response" published by International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA), International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IGP)

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