Chapter 5: Productive

Marine Scotland Offices and Locations

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Marine Scotland is a Directorate of the Scottish Government and is responsible for the integrated management of Scotland's seas. This dataset shows the location of Marine Scotland laboratories, field stations, fishery offices, and policy teams throughout Scotland. Also includes home ports for marine protection vessels (MPVs) and home base for Marine Scotland aircraft. Building polygons were also added to Open Street Map to be visible on the National Marine Plan Interactive (NMPi) basemap.

Scottish Pollutant Release Inventory (SPRI) - Industrial marine discharges (2013)

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The Scottish Pollutant Release Inventory (SPRI) is a database of annual mass releases of specified pollutants to air, water and land from SEPA regulated industrial sites. It also provides information about off-site transfers of waste from these sites. The SPRI will provide emission values and waste transfers when they are over the reporting thresholds and indicate if a site releases a pollutant below the threshold. From 2007, SPRI data has been used to fulfill the reporting requirements of the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR).

This data has been filtered by SEPA to include only discharges to marine environment.



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