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Data stored in tables is a common way to present data to other users. Various tools can be used to work with data in this format.

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Tabular data is available to access or download through Marine Scotland Information and the Marine Data portal. This data is presented in CSV, Spreadsheet and Database formats. Where possible data will be provided as CSV format to increase compatibility with different software.

Title Updated datesort ascending
Scottish Government - Oil and Gas Production Statistics: 2019 - Supplementary User Requested Data (Offshore Production by Marine Areas) 18/05/2021
Fishing figures & graphs 2005-18 (MSFD Areas) 05/05/2021
Fishing figures & graphs 2005-18 05/05/2021
Fishing figures & graphs (10m split) 2005-18 (MSFD Areas) 05/05/2021
Fishing figures & graphs (10m split) 2005-18 05/05/2021
Port statistics (2005-2018) - Transport Scotland (Stats 38 chapter09 - water transport extra tables and charts) 14/05/2020
Waste Disposal (Dredge Spoil) (2013-2018) 21/11/2019
The ERA-40 archive 11/11/2019
Gardline ADCP Data 30/09/2019
Ship-to-ship transfers (2005-2018) 20/09/2019
Cruise port statistics (2010-2018) 24/07/2019
European Marine Energy Centre Scale Site Wildlife Observation Programme Data 21/02/2019
European Marine Energy Centre Fall of Warness Wildlife Observation Data 21/02/2019
European Marine Energy Centre Billia Croo Wildlife Observation Data 21/02/2019
Pentland Firth Bathymetric Geodatabase 21/02/2019
Lewis 2010 Bathymetric Geodatabase 21/02/2019
Marine Scotland Sea Fisheries Interactive Visualisation tool 18/02/2019
Scapa Flow 2010-2011 Wildlife Observation data 07/01/2019
Marine Scotland Vessel Mounted ADCP Data 28/12/2018
Gridded bathymetry (900 m) derived from Satellite Altimetry and Ship Depth Soundings 26/11/2018
Economic Analysis of Scotland's Core Marine Sector - Graphs 2018 10/04/2018
EMEC Wildlife Analysis Project - Fall of Warness 13/06/2017
EMEC Wildlife Analysis Project - Billia Croo 13/06/2017
Fair Isle Weather Station Climatological data 21/06/2016
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