Metals - Cadmium (Cd) in Biota from 2013 (time-aware)

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Marine Environmental Assessment Group data for organic contaminants, metals, biological effects and water chemistry collected for the Clean Seas Environment Monitoring Programme (CSEMP). Sediment and biota samples are analysed for organic contaminants (PAHs, PCBs and PBDEs) and trace metals. Biological effects are also measured in biota. Nutrients are measured in water samples. This layer shows the assessments from the UK Marine Environment Monitoring and Assessment National (MERMAN) database for reporting Cadmium in biota.

All data prior to 2011 is stored on the MSS Contaminants database, all data from 2012 is on LIMS. All data is submitted to the UK Merman database.

Video clips from MPA surveys

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This  layer combines video clips and analysis from seabed surveys carried out by Marine Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and SEPA as part of the Scottish MPA Programme.

Seabed survey videos have been clipped and sample videos were uploaded to YouTube. The videos and survey results data have been combined into a point GIS layer depicting the location of the seabed surveys. The attribute information provides access to the results from the survey and the relevant video clips.

Anchor berths and anchorage areas

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This layer shows the anchorages that have been designated and where a harbour / port authority  may request a vessel to anchor. A vessel may also anchor anywhere as directed by a harbour / port authority when within their jurisdiction.

For the main ports, Marine Scotland has confirmed the data with the relevant harbour / port authority. This dataset contains licenced data from OceanWise.

Aquaculture - Active marine aquaculture sites (31.05.2024)

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This layer contains point data identifying the location of active finfish or shellfish farms around Scotland from the Fish Health Inspectorate Aquadat database. This includes fishery sites which are ponds or other installation where farmed fish are stocked for recreational fishing (either private or commercial). Active is the status of a site that is stocked or fallow with the intention of restocking in the foreseeable future.

Spatial Data is extracted from the Aquadat database maintained by the Fish Health Inspectorate of Marine Scotland. The point data online is regularly updated via an XML update.


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