OceanWise licence EK001 - 20140401

The Licensee acknowledges that copyright subsists in the Datasets and that all property and other rights in the Datasets and all trademarks and logos used on or in relation to the Datasets shall remain with the copyright owner.

The display of logos and trademarks without the express permission of the Licensor is prohibited. For the avoidance of doubt, the use of the UK Hydrographic Office crest and the word ‘Admiralty’ on any reproduction of the Dataset(s) whatsoever is prohibited.

The following must be clearly visible on any reproduction of the Datasets digital and printed:

© British Crown and OceanWise, YYYY. All rights reserved. License No. EK001 - 20140401. Not to be used for Navigation.

where YYYY is the year the data was supplied and XXXXXX is the unique number provided by the Licensor or Licensor’s Distributor.

Reference to the copyright statements contained within the ‘Data Products User Guide’ must be made accessible to End Users where applicable.

Defence (Military) - Military exercise areas and danger areas (PEXAs)

Marine Scotland Information NMPi icon

The Ministry of Defence uses Scotland's coasts and seas. The coasts are mainly used for training and locating bases. The seas, while also used for training, are important for test and evaluation activities as well as surveillance and monitoring of potential threats, and for combating these threats. This layer displays the areas of Scottish seas which are actively in use by the MOD. The dataset shows only those areas within Scottish waters and is derived from data licensed from OceanWise, corroborated by the UKHO PEXA web application.

Navigation channels (Recommended Routes and Fairways)

Marine Scotland Information NMPi icon

This layer shows the navigational channels, fairways and buoyed areas around / within ports that are used for the purposes of guiding shipping movements. Ships may also be seen outwith these areas if there is sufficient water depth. Fairways are that part of a river, harbour and so on, where the main navigable channel for vessels of larger size lies. It is also the usual course followed by vessels entering or leaving harbours, called ‘ship channel’ (as defined in the International Hydrographic Organisation).

For the main ports, Marine Scotland has confirmed the data with the relevant harbour / port authority. This dataset contains data licenced from OceanWise.  


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