Greater North Sea International Otter Trawl Quarter 1 Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data Products

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Marine Scotland Data Portal

The Greater North Sea International Quarter 1 Otter Trawl Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data resource contains both biological and sampling information.
There are two sampling areas a “Full” data set, this includes rectangles that have a poor temporal sampling record. The “SSA” or “Standard Survey Area” sampling area only contains rectangles that have consistent temporal sampling and meet the criteria set out in Moriarty et al, (2017).
The “sampling information” contains all the technical information required to describe each individual haul.
The “biological information” contains all of the biological information required to describe the species length and weight distributions in each haul. Biological information is further classified by “baseline” data. This data contains a mix of species, genus, and family classifications, with a tag to say if it required further assessment and “null” length values, with a tag to say a length frequency distribution needs to be assigned. The “k-NN” or “k” number of nearest neighbours data has reconciled all of the taxonomic data to the highest resolution possible, and assigned an appropriate length distribution to the sample in question. Product type:
• This product is the Standard Survey Area - Standard Monitoring Programme this is the recommended product for all analyses.
• This product is the knn/resolved product which is recommended for all analyses.

Anne Sell, Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries
Barbara Bland, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Finlay Burns, Marine Scotland Science
Franck Coppin, Ifremer
Ingeborg de Boois, Wageningen Marine Research
Jenifer Devine, Institute of Marine Research, Norway
Jens Rasmussen, Marine Scotland Science
Kai Ulrich Wieland, DTU Aqua
Michele Salaun, Ifremer
Morgane Travers, Ifremer
Ralf van Hal, Wageningen Marine Research
Trine Haugen, Institute of Marine Research, Norway
Vaishav Soni, ICES Data Centre
Yves Vérin, Ifremer
International Council for Exploration of the Seas (ICES)