MIKE 21 West Orkney Monthly Hs Summary Outputs

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This collection of netCDF files contain monthly summary outputs of significant wave height (Hs) from the West of Orkney MIKE 21 spectral wave model described in [1]. For each month the mean Hs and the values of the 5,10,20...,90,95th percentiles are given for each cell in the model. The model was designed to study the effects on wave height of both wave energy extraction and climate change. Four scenarios are included: Present day (2010) with and without wave energy convertors, and future climate (~2050) with and without wave energy convertors. [1] V. Venugopal, R. Nemalidinne, and A. Vögler, ‘Numerical modelling of wave energy resources and assessment of wave energy extraction by large scale wave farms’, Ocean & Coastal Management, Mar. 2017.


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