The Scottish Shelf Model 2038 – 2062 future climatology 2.02

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Marine Scotland Data Portal

Marine Scotland is the custodian of a hydrodynamic model of Scottish continental shelf waters, the Scottish Shelf Model (SSM). The wider Scottish Shelf model (SSM) domain covers the Scottish continental shelf at relatively high resolution (typically 1 km node spacing at the coastline) but also covers most of UK waters, the North Sea and the English Channel. The domain extends in longitude from approximately 13° W to 13° E, including the Baltic Sea. The Wider SSM version 2.02 is a full year future climatological run, which represents average conditions for 2038-2062 with a 1993 tidal component. The output from the model is primarily held in netCDF files at hourly spatial resolution on an unstructured grid, but reduced precision datasets can also be made available.

Data from this output is too large to serve up efficiently on the Marine Scotland Data Portal.
Please contact to request data and arrange methods of transferring the data (such as hard disk drive).