TeraWatt North Atlantic spectral wave model input files (for MIKE 21)

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This submission includes the input files for the North Atlantic spectral wave model that is described in [1,2]. The input files require the MIKE 21 modelling suite to run, available commercially from https://www.mikepoweredbydhi.com/ They were created and validated using the 2014 edition. Input files are being stored instead of outputs as per RCUK guidelines due to the size of the output files. For further information please contact Dr. Vengatesan Venugopal, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh (v.venugopal@ed.ac.uk). [1] V. Venugopal and R. Nemalidinne, ‘Wave resource assessment for Scottish waters using a large scale North Atlantic spectral wave model’, Renewable Energy, vol. 76, no. Supplement C, pp. 503–525, Apr. 2015. [2] V. Venugopal, R. Nemalidinne, and A. Vögler, ‘Numerical modelling of wave energy resources and assessment of wave energy extraction by large scale wave farms’, Ocean & Coastal Management, Mar. 2017.

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