Oil and Gas - Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) areas (BGS WMS)

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The UK continental shelf is subdivided into eight areas for the purposes of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

SEA is the process of appraisal through which environmental protection and sustainable development may be considered, and factored into national and local decisions regarding Government (and other) plans and programmes – such as oil and gas licensing rounds and other offshore energy developments, including renewables and gas and carbon dioxide storage.

Oil and Gas - Coal Mining Licence Areas (Coal Authority WMS)

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It is the statutory responsibility of The Coal Authority to licence and monitor the extraction of coal by private operators. These Licence areas relate to any granted licence for the working of coal since the creation of The Coal Authority in October 1994. This layer shows licenced areas of underground and open cast coal sites and underground coal gasification (UGC). UGC is an industrial process, which converts coal into product gas.

Aquaculture - Shellfish waters protected areas (SEPA WMS)

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This layer contains locations of shellfish growing waters designated in line with the Shellfish Waters Directive (2006/113/EC) by Scottish Government under The Water Environment (Shellfish Water Protected Areas: Designation) (Scotland) Order 2013. Waters are used for commercial shellfish cultivation. Water quality in designated areas is regularly monitored by SEPA.


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