FAME & STAR seabird (kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills and shags) tracking projects

What is it: 

FAME (Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment project and STAR (Seabird Tracking and Research) are twin projects in which RSPB, in collaboration with partners and a consortium of funders (including Marine Scotland, SNH and JNCC), have undertaken tracking of multiple species of seabirds from multiple colonies around the coast of the UK since 2010.

Presented on MS Maps NMPi are examples (from Wakefield et al. 2017) of the ‘at-sea distributions around Britain and Ireland’ (maps is a web service from RSPB so includes data outside of Scotland) for 4 species based on tracking data:

  1. Kittiwakes - based on 583 birds at 20 sites
  2. Guillemots - based on 192 birds at 12 sites
  3. Razorbills - based on 299 birds at 14 sites
  4. Shags - based on 239 birds at 13 sites

The layers show distributions of seabirds from multiple colonies. The majority of seabirds tracked were adult birds during the chick-rearing period. The layers presented are from data for UK and Ireland colonies. The resulting distributions have been clipped to Scottish waters.

Wakefield et al. 2017 includes full acknowledgements.

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At-sea distributions of kittiwakes around Britain and Ireland © RSPB

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