Salmon Parasite Interactions in Linnhe, Lorn, and Shuna (SPILLS)

Project Dates: 
October, 2020 to December, 2022
Project Summary: 

Computer modelling is increasingly being used to assess the potential risks posed by sea lice originating from salmon farms in Scotland to wild and farmed salmonids. A number of models are currently used by different organisations, but further rigorous calibration against field data is required.  This project aims to provide an evidence base for, and assessment of, a number of  modelling tools currently most commonly used for sea lice management in Scotland. Two study areas will be used as test cases to help develop management tools for wider application. Part of the study area (Linnhe and Lorn) has been the subject of sustained and extensive scientific research.  The project also builds, in part, on an Environmental Management Plan for the Sound of Shuna agreed between Mowi Scotland Ltd, Kames Fish Farming Ltd and the local fisheries trusts, and will carry out dedicated modelling and field sampling in the area. 

Picture shows front of orange rib, calm water and mountain ranges
Sampling in Loch Linnhe. Photo by Stuart Wallace.