Shellfish - Landed sales value (£) by rectangle 2018-2022

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First sales (£GBP) from commercial fishing activity in Scottish seas of shellfish (crustacean/mollusc) species, including UK registered fishing vessels wherever they land and non-UK vessels if landing into the UK, as recorded in last five years of published statistics. Data is redacted if less than five vessels operate within an ICES statistical rectangle (values = -1).

Data derived from salenotes provided by fish buyers and sellers to the UK fishing authorities as required under EU legislation on the Register of Buyers and Sellers.

Users are recommended to zoom in to see the detail of the graph axes.  For each layer, the colour of the ICES rectangle represents the data for the most recent year. Rectangles cross-hatched indicate that fishing takes but the data are disclosive (cannot be displayed for reasons of commercial confidentiality).

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