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The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 requires the development of an Adaptation Programme to take forward the risks identified within the UK’s Climate Change Risk Assessment (UK-CCRA). The UK-CCRA anticipates increases in sea level, coastal erosion and coastal flooding to increasingly affect Scotland’s soft coastlines and the assets found on these coasts. Shoreline Management Plans have been produced for only short sections of the Scottish coast which limits the information available to coastal managers. Consequently a National Coastal Change Assessment (NCCA) has been commissioned by the Scottish Government and is supported by a number of agencies.

This data was created to display the inland extent of projected coastal erosion, based on recent change (between the 1970s and Modern MHWS position). It displays four polygon data sets via the 'Change_Direction': Erosion (areas seawards of the 2100projected position of Mean High Water Springs), Erosion Influence (a 10m landward buffer of the projected position of 2100MHWS) and Erosion Vicinity (a further 50m landward buffer on Erosion Influence) and Accretion (a 5m buffer on MHWS where MHWS has moved seawards between 1970s and Modern data). This data contains the intersect values for society's assets (lengths of roads (km), areas of designates sites (ha)). This data was analysed as part of the‘Dynamic Coast’Scotland’s National Coastal Change Assessment, see www.dynamiccoast.com for more info.

This layer is part of a series of Scottish Natural Heritage Web Map Service (WMS) layers. The layers are best viewed at 1:433,434 or better as they are slow to draw.

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