Crab and lobster fishery assessment areas in Scotland

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For assessment purposes, the Scottish creel fishing grounds are divided into 12 assessment areas. Some Scottish assessment areas extend outside Scottish Territorial Waters. On the east of Scotland the South East assessment area extends beyond the Scottish border, while on the west coast, the Clyde assessment area stops short of the Irish border. There is some fishing on grounds outside the assessment areas. Currently these areas support only small fisheries and landings data are monitored for any change in importance.

Derived from Thomas, H.J., 1958. Lobster and crab fisheries in Scotland. Marine Research, 8: 107 and subsequently revised to include two offshore areas – Papa, which lies to the west of Shetland, and Sule, which is to the north and west of Orkney and includes Rona, Sulisker and Sule-Skerry banks.


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