Salmon and Sea Trout - Salmon Stock Assessment Areas

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Salmon Stock Assessment Areas boundaries, used by Scottish Government Marine Scotland to demarcate rivers where salmon stocks are assessed under the Salmon Conservation (Scotland) Regulations 2016. The regulations are amended annually to introduce measures for protecting stocks. Salmon Stock Assessment Areas are also used for reporting annual statistics obtained from salmon catch returns made by the owners, occupiers and agents of salmon fisheries. See links on the Statistical boundaries page for more information on the annual assessment, river grades and salmon stock management. 

Salmon Stock Assessment Areas are a subset of Scottish rivers, where there is sufficient information on salmon stocks in rivers, or groups of rivers, that their status can be assessed annually and graded for the subsequent fishing season. There are 173 Salmon Stock Assessment Areas (SSAA), made up of 215 individual or grouped rivers, 17 of which are Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) for Atlantic salmon. See information on the map layer fields below.

Salmon Stock Assessment Areas boundaries were derived by Scottish Government Marine Scotland from Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) 1:50,000 river catchment boundaries, based on 1:50,000 DTM data from the Institute of Hydrology (now the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology). For SAC rivers, the outflow boundaries include information from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) (now NatureScot) and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC).

* Please Note * This layer was derived by the Scottish Government from a licensed dataset. It is not downloadable or routinely available. The data can be shared on request if the user provides evidence that they hold a licence from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) for the 1:50,000 Digital Terrain Model (DTM). 

Salmon Stock Assessment Areas Layer:

Salmon Stock Assessment Areas ID
River and river group areas, ordered alphabetically by Salmon Fishery District and SSAA_Name

Salmon Stock Assessment Areas District
101 District names. Eight Salmon Fishery Districts currently do not contain an assessable river or river group 

Salmon Stock Assessment Areas Name
River and grouped rivers names, including the group name (Group_Name and River_Name)

Salmon Stock Assessment Areas Grade
River grade for the current or most recent fishing season

SSAA National Grid Reference 
Ordnance Survey British national grid reference at river outflow

Salmon Fishery District ID 
109 Districts, ordered and numbered alphabetically by SFD_Name

Salmon Fishery District Name 
No record for eight Districts which currently do not contain an assessable river or river group

Salmon Fishery District Order 
109 Districts, numbered consecutively in anti-clockwise order around the coast from River Tweed

Salmon Fishery Statistical Region ID
11 Regions, numbered consecutively in anti-clockwise order around the coast from River Tweed

Salmon Fishery Statistical Region Name
Regional areas used in Marine Scotland statistical reporting

River catchment GIS ID
Alphanumeric ID, 'AR' (Assessment River) with number by SFD_Order and River_Name, including any GIS_GrpID

River or Loch system Name
River_Name excludes any Group_Name

Grouped rivers catchment GIS ID
Alphanumeric ID, 'AR' (Assessment River) with number by SFD_Order, Group_Name and River_Name

Grouped rivers name
Group_Name included in SSAA_Name with River_Name

Salmon Stock Assessment Areas river Type
Assessable River, Assessable River Group, SAC River

River catchment Boundary Type
SEPA Baseline, SEPA Baseline - part, SEPA Baseline & Coastal or SEPA Coastal 

River catchment Boundary Changes
Boundary changes to SEPA catchments made by Marine Scotland

Area in square kilometres
River or SAC catchment Area calculated from British National Grid projection

2018 Grade (river or river group)
2017 assessment for 2018 season. Category 1 - 3 

2019 Grade (river or river group)
2018 assessment for 2019 season. Category 1 - 3 

2020 Grade (river or river group)
2019 assessment for 2020 season. Category 1 - 3 

2021 Grade (river or river group)
2020 assessment for 2021 season. Category 1 - 3 

2022 Grade (river or river group)
2021 assessment for 2022 season. Category 1 - 3 

2023 Proposed Grade (river or river group)
2022 assessment for 2023 season. Category 1 - 3 

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Maps containing Salmon Stock Assessment Areas boundaries require Crown copyright, with acknowledgement of SEPA and CEH: 'Salmon Stock Assessment Areas boundaries derived from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) 1:50,000 river catchment data’; ‘Based on digital spatial data licensed from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, © NERC (CEH)' (preceded if appropriate by 'Some features of this map are'); 'Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right [year]'.

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