NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Download copyright
Scheduled Monuments - including protected wrecks (HES WMS) (OSCP) Yes
Schizoporella japonica (NBN Atlas) Yes
Scottish Adjacent Waters Boundaries Order 1999 (SAWBO) Yes
Scottish Assessment areas - Scottish Marine Regions (SMRs) and Offshore Marine Regions (OMRs) Yes
Scottish Assessment areas - Scottish Sea Areas (clean and safe seas monitoring) Yes
Scottish Ferry Routes (Indicative courses) (WMS) Yes
Scottish Marine Regions (SMRs) - Scottish Marine Regions Order 2015 Yes
Scottish Pollutant Release Inventory (SPRI) - Industrial marine discharges (2018) Yes
Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) Reserves Yes
Scottish Zone (200M Limit) - Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) adjacent to Scotland - Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Order 2013 Yes
Sea features and fishing ground names Yes
Sea Fisheries Statistics - Districts (2013 onwards) Yes
Sea Fisheries Statistics - Ports (2013 onwards) Yes
Sea loch egg wrack beds Yes
Sea trout distribution in Scotland's seas Yes


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