Environmental Statement - Construction & Operation of Generating Station and Transmission Works - European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, Aberdeen Bay

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Marine Licence documentation

Environmental Statement submitted in July 2011 in respect of the Construction & Operation of Generating Station and Transmission Works of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre located in Aberdeen Bay

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PDF icon Non-technical Summary9.22 MB
PDF icon Preface3.25 MB
PDF icon Chapter 1 Introduction245.21 KB
PDF icon Chapter 2 Site Selection69.56 KB
PDF icon Chapter 3 Description of the Project1.64 MB
PDF icon Chapter 4 EIA, Scoping and Consultation116.02 KB
PDF icon Chapter 5 Meteorological Conditions148.97 KB
PDF icon Chapter 6 Geology and Bathymetry81.89 KB
PDF icon Chapter 7 Ordnance65.95 KB
PDF icon Chapter 8 Coastal Processes143.72 KB
PDF icon Chapter 9 Marine Ecology, Intertidal Ecology, Sediment and Water Quality91.5 KB
PDF icon Chapter 10 Birds134.67 KB
PDF icon Chapter 11 Bats55.36 KB
PDF icon Chapter 12 Marine Mammals128.55 KB
PDF icon Chapter 13 Electromagentic Fields193.99 KB
PDF icon Chapter 14 Statutory Designations and Conservation116.63 KB
PDF icon Chapter 15 Shipping and Navigation83.15 KB
PDF icon Chapter 16 Aviation70.05 KB
PDF icon Chapter 17 Ministry of Defence68.25 KB
PDF icon Chapter 18 Marine and Maritime Archaeology112.73 KB
PDF icon Chapter 19 Seascape, Landscape and Visual109.39 KB
PDF icon Chapter 20 Cultural Heritage78.83 KB
PDF icon Chapter 21 Commercial Fisheries86.02 KB
PDF icon Chapter 22 Salmon and Sea Trout97.53 KB
PDF icon Chapter 23 Socioeconomics, Recreation and Tourism108.62 KB
PDF icon Chapter 24 In Air Noise78.51 KB
PDF icon Chapter 25 Energy and Emissions95.67 KB
PDF icon Chapter 26 Electromganetic Inteference70.55 KB
PDF icon Chapter 27 Other Marine Users95.05 KB
PDF icon Chapter 28 Mitigation, Management and Monitoring58.93 KB
PDF icon Chapter 29 Information to Inform a HRA54.01 KB
PDF icon Chapter 30 Summary408.43 KB
PDF icon Appendix 1.1 Consultant Information508.14 KB
PDF icon Appendix 1.2 Household Calculations65.12 KB
PDF icon Appendix 1.3 Statutory and Regulatory Framework and Policies136.21 KB
PDF icon Appendix 3.1 Underwater Noise Modelling2.96 MB
PDF icon Appendix 4.1 Request for Scoping Opinion 201020.17 MB
PDF icon Appendix 4.2 Request for Scoping Opinion Responses 20102.2 MB
PDF icon Appendix 7.1 UXO Threat and Risk Assessment5.38 MB
PDF icon Appendix 8.1 Coastal Processes Baseline5.68 MB
PDF icon Appendix 8.2 Coastal Processes EIA4.4 MB
PDF icon Appendix 9.1 Marine Ecology Baseline6.61 MB
PDF icon Appendix 9.2 Marine Ecology1.26 MB
PDF icon Appendix 10.1 Ornithology Baseline and EIA6.5 MB
PDF icon Appendix 11.1 Bats Technical Report99.33 KB
PDF icon Appendix 12.1 Marine Mammals Baseline15.64 MB
PDF icon Appendix 12.2 Marine Mammals EIA5.8 MB
PDF icon Appendix 15.1 Navigational Risk Assessment15.73 MB
PDF icon Appendix 18.1 Marine and Maritime Archaeology Baseline8.07 MB
PDF icon Appendix 18.2 Marine and Maritime Archaeology EIA1.82 MB
PDF icon Appendix 19.1 Seascape, Landscape and Visual Baseline740.6 KB
PDF icon Appendix 19.2 Seascape, Landscape and Visual EIA1.04 MB
PDF icon Appendix 20.1 Cultural Heritage Baseline221.73 KB
PDF icon Appendix 20.2 Cultural Heritage EIA2.23 MB
PDF icon Appendix 21.1 Commercial Fish Baseline14.44 MB
PDF icon Appendix 21.2 Commercial Fisheries EIA900.54 KB
PDF icon Appendix 22.1 Salmon and Sea Trout Baseline9.97 MB
PDF icon Appendix 22.2 Salmon and Sea Trout EIA610.33 KB
PDF icon Appendix 23.1 Socioeconomic, Recreation and Tourism Baseline783.17 KB
PDF icon Appendix 23.2 Socioeconomic, Recreation and Tourism EIA493.67 KB
PDF icon Appendix 24.1 In Air Noise Baseline8.58 MB
PDF icon Appendix 24.2 In Air Noise EIA995.63 KB
PDF icon Appendix 28.1 Draft EMP1.22 MB
PDF icon Appendix 29.1 to Inform the HRA2.99 MB
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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report
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Renewables - Wind