A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2010

TitleA horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2010
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSutherland, WJ, Clout, M, Côté, IM, Daszak, P, Depledge, MH, Fellman, L, Fleishman, E, Garthwaite, R, Gibbons, DW, De Lurio, J, Impey, AJ, Lickorish, F, Lindenmayer, D, Madgwick, J, Margerison, C, Maynard, T, Peck, LS, Pretty, J, Prior, S, Redford, KH, Scharlemann, JPW, Spalding, M, Watkinson, AR
JournalTrends in Ecology & Evolution
Pagination1 - 7
Date Published2010/01/01
ISBN Number0169-5347

Horizon scanning identifies emerging issues in a given field sufficiently early to conduct research to inform policy and practice. Our group of horizon scanners, including academics and researchers, convened to identify fifteen nascent issues that could affect the conservation of biological diversity. These include the impacts of and potential human responses to climate change, novel biological and digital technologies, novel pollutants and invasive species. We expect to repeat this process and collation annually.

Short TitleTrends in Ecology & Evolution