Pilot Scottish Beach Litter Performance Indicators (SBLPI)

TitlePilot Scottish Beach Litter Performance Indicators (SBLPI)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTurrell, WR
JournalScottish Marine and Freshwater Science
Date Published2019

A range of pilot Scottish Beach Litter Performance Indicators (SBLPIs) are proposed which aim to allow the Scottish Government to monitor the state of litter on its beaches, as well as judge the success of its policies in reducing sources of marine plastics and litter. The SGLPIs will form the basis of adding aspects of beach litter assessment to the 2019 update of Scotland’s Marine Atlas and the Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi (National Marine Plan interactive) interactive tool, part of the Marine Scotland Open Data Network, which has been designed to assist in the development of national and regional marine planning. The pilot indicators were initially prepared for the Scottish Government Litter Evidence and Analysis Group, November 2018.