The Scottish Shelf Model 1990 – 2014 climatology version 2.01

TitleThe Scottish Shelf Model 1990 – 2014 climatology version 2.01
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsDe Dominicis, M, O’Hara-Murray, R, Gallego, A
Other Numbers97d3d2f1-0e88-42f9-824b-f92dac2a4e52
Keywordscurrents, physical oceanography, sea level, Water column temperature and salinity, Waves

Marine Scotland is the custodian of a hydrodynamic model of Scottish continental shelf waters, the Scottish Shelf Model (SSM). The wider Scottish Shelf model (SSM) domain covers the Scottish continental shelf at relatively high resolution (up to 1 km node spacing at the coastline) but also covers most of UK waters, the North Sea and the English Channel. The domain extends in longitude from approximately 13° W to 13° E, including the Baltic Sea. The Wider SSM version 2.01 is a full year climatological run, which represents average conditions for 1990-2014 with a 1993 tidal component.

Reduced precision output for selected variables are available as download from