Energy and mineral resources

The seabed is rich in various energy and mineral resources. Oil and gas has been an important part of Scotland’s energy mix for some decades, whilst water abstraction has provided the cooling water for coastal power stations. Aggregate extraction has been limited but there is potential. In future energy will likely be provided from the emerging marine renewable energy sector whilst carbon dioxide may well be captured and injected into depleted under sea hydrocarbon fields. The Case study: Nova Innovation - Shetland Tidal Array describes a community owned tidal turbine in Bluemull Sound.

The Energy and mineral resources section examines the ‘What, why and where’, ‘Contribution to the economy’, ‘Examples of socio-economic effects’, ‘Pressures on the environment’, and ‘Forward look’ for the sectors. The assessments are to support the government’s vision to show that the seas are productive in economic terms and highlight the various activities for marine planning purposes.